‘We’re each other’s biggest fans’

Theatre power couple Angele and Malcolm Galea are everyone’s relationship goals

The first thing you notice about Angele and Malcolm Galea as a couple is how sweet they are. Not in a saccharine kind of way, but in a “we’re each other’s biggest fans” kind of way.

They first met on the set of L-Istrina, just before we changed digits from 19 to 20, and the world was supposed to end. For these two, not only did it not end – it also signified the start of a new relationship that spells out ‘couple goals‘ to many.

Embarrassingly enough, while she made enough of an impression for me to have noted the meeting in my journal, by the time I met her again a couple of months later, I had forgotten her (I’m notoriously bad with faces). After a few days of working together I recognised her and announced that we’ve met before like it was a major revelation. She said that she recognised me from the beginning…,” Malcolm says sheepishly.

Angele laughs, telling me that “well, I hadn’t forgotten him!”. She says how, when the two were filming they used to spend hours talking about everything under the moon.

“We are very likeminded so we hit it off. It took some months of let’s say, negotiation for that to transpire into the first kiss, but it was magical, set under the stars. And that’s it. We never looked back.”

The two are, of course, actors, directors and all-rounders in the theatre world and you’ll recognise both their faces from many a production. Even today, they acknowledge that theatre plays a big role in their relationship.

A very big role. It is exciting to work with my husband. I find him so inspiring. We are constantly talking about our projects together or our seperate ones. Our relationship started when we met on a project and it has been one big artistic project throughout. It was never easy, but it was never dull either,” Angele says.

The two do have the most fascinating – and heated – conversations, Malcolm adds, describing how Angele is a very strong motivator and that they take it in turns to lead.

“If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing. Sometimes she would be working on a project while I hold the fort at home – and then we swap. When I was doing the pantomime over Christmas, she’d be at home with the kids, and I’d take over domestic duties in the morning while she does her radio show.”

See what I mean by sweet? If this isn’t the smoothest and most natural division of labour ever, then I don’t know what is.

The couple today are parents to two young boys. Angele tells that, as parents, they “learn from and with” the children. A lovely approach to parenthood, especially when she adds how they all strive to get better together. “This ‘struggle’ or dance around each other, where we sometimes step on each others’ toes, or one of us lifts the other, as we swirl to the beat of our life, is a blessing.” Malcolm’s reply is succinct and on-point: “What she said!” And with that, there’s nothing more to ask.

The couple with their children Ethan and Calum

Quick Fire Qs

First thing you each noticed about the other?

Angele: His eyes are beautiful, but mostly it was his mind. He also was very caring with his many nieces and nephews, so I could see a good dad immediately.

Malcolm: Her laugh. I was fascinated by her. I was never super-confident around girls but since I didn’t consider her as being within my league, I was very comfortable around her and we had wonderful conversations. That’s when we realised that our dreams were pretty much aligned.

Who popped the question and how?

Angele: He did. I was not expecting it, but I had been sending hints almost to the point of spelling it out. Unfortunately, I am quite old-fashioned that way and did not pop the question myself. At the time, it would not have felt legit. Nowadays, I’m more secure in myself, so I might have.

Malcolm: I meant to do it on her 28th birthday after a performance of the first pantomime I wrote in which we were both acting. However, she had fainted and broken a tooth earlier that day so I proposed from her bedside.

What makes it work?

Angele: We find each other exciting and we are so attracted to each other. We cannot have enough of each other. We have very similar interests and agree on almost everything. This glues us firmly together. Sorry if it sounds gushy and clichéd.

Malcolm: When I met her I was in awe of her and tried to present the best version of myself to her. In the past 23 years, that hasn’t really changed.


We are passionate people, very invested in our points of view. There has been shouting, more than once, but in the end, love conquers all. We resolve them by giving enough space, then, either eventually laughing it off, having a hard talk or some other type of physical activity. (Ed’s note: Feels like there should be a wink at the end of that sentence.)

The secret of your relationship’s success is?

Angele: Laughter. I love laughing, and he loves making me laugh. Also, humility, patience and loads of love. No one is perfect, but we are perfect for each other.

Malcolm: I’d add that we also see each other as equals and are each other’s biggest fan.

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