Young band determined to make its voice heard

Debut single climbs local charts
Point Blank members Aaliyah (11), Gianluca (13), Norah (11), Sophie (11) and Thomas (12)

Point Blank, a newly formed vocal group made up of five 11- to 13-year-olds, launched its debut single Shout a few days ago and has already made it to a local Top 10 music chart.

Even though still very young, Point Blank members Aaliyah (11), Gianluca (13), Norah (11), Sophie (11) and Thomas (12) are determined to make their voices heard. Their band’s name also represents their eagerness to be direct in their message.

Their debut song, which aims to empower all those who feel silenced in society, is composed by Cyprian Cassar, with lyrics by Christina Magrin.

The accompanying music video, released on March 4, depicts different struggles one may experience while growing up.

Claudia Magrin, the vocal coach, and manager of Point Blank, believes the group’s strength lies in their diversity and voices.

Aaliyah, Gianluca and Thomas play the piano. Aaliyah also engages in musical theatre and Gianluca likes to create wooden ornaments using fretwork.

Thomas plays waterpolo and Norah practises five different dance styles, while Sophie is passionate about sketching and drama production.

What unites them is their love for music, Magrin says. She adds that the five members have become good friends and manage to get the best out of each other.

“They always make time to meet and work together on their music throughout the week,” she says.

Shout is available on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Apple Music and iTunes, and Point Blank can be followed on social media @Pointblankmalta.

For more information about the band, visit https://pointblankmalta.com/, and on social media @Pointblankmalta and on YouTube.

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