‘Work actually relaxes me’

Celia Melillo is an entrepreneur and dispensing optician, two elements she incorporates in the running of her multi-generational family business. She shares how family, friends, work, and wine make up the perfect weekend.
Celia Melillo in celebratory mode.

The weekend starts: My weekend starts on Saturday afternoon. Saturday mornings are busy at the shop, so I like to be around!

Early riser? Very much so: I wake up at 5AM every single day, be it a Monday or a Sunday, even when I am travelling. I never manage to sleep in; my biological clock is too hard to beat.

I’m at my most relaxed when: I get time to go for a walk; have a chilled lunch with friends or family; manage to read a good book; or, at the very top of the list, enjoy a glass of wine or a well-prepared G&T! Although, having said that, a weekend break in a city of my choice – like Milano – would always be welcome: walking around the piazzas, enjoying an aperitivo, and studying the passers-by… I know it might sound strange, but it’s so interesting to sit back and watch the crazy world around us go by.

Go out or spend time in? It depends on time of the year. I love the sea/beach in the summer, but I enjoy relaxing at home in the winter.

Guilty weekend pleasure: Is indulging in chocolate a good answer? Or worse, getting a lot of work done! Many won’t understand this last answer, but work actually relaxes me.

Saturdays give me time to: Enjoy my family and catch up with my shopping.

Sundays are for: Unwinding and mental relaxation, as well as to finally have enough time to cook a decent meal.

My childhood weekends were: Full of simple pleasures: running around in the fields and playing with my cousins. I get flashbacks of my parents taking us to pick blackberries – a lovely messy affair. Saturdays were spent at Għadira Bay and stopping at Belleview for pizza and pastizzi!

I close off the weekend with: A large glass of good wine.

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