‘I am at my most relaxed when I cook’

Joseph Mizzi is the brains behind Midsea Books Ltd, spending most of his time with authors and looking at manuscripts. He shares his treasured weekend moments.
Joseph Mizzi (left) at the book festival with author and academic Ġorġ Mallia and his sister and workmate Annamaria.

The weekend starts: I’d like to think that my weekend starts on Friday afternoon, however, that’s not always the case. Even so, as soon as I arrive home, it is the weekend for me, or at least a foretaste of one, with no particular rush to prepare myself for the next day.

Early riser? Yes, I am. I am quite a Spartan in this respect. I got used to waking up early during the week and, unfortunately, I just can’t switch off at the weekend, so I find myself eyes wide open on Saturday at 5 am.

During the weekend, I’m at my most relaxed when: To be honest, I try to take life easy. However, Saturday morning is spent catching up on things and trying to do all those things which I missed out on during the week. In the evening and on Sunday, I tend to do things that help me relax and also devote some quality time to my family. However, I am at my most relaxed when I cook…

Go out or spend time in? I try to balance both. In winter, I try to chill out at home after a week of meetings and a tight work schedule, and then go out on Sundays. In summer, on the other hand, the weekends are for the beach.

Guilty weekend pleasure: Stuffing myself with comfort food.

Saturdays give me time to: To relax, calm down, enjoy some me-time, and do whatever I feel like.

Sundays are for: Family and close friends.

My childhood weekends were: Definitely much easier, calmer, and simpler. That was life in the 70s. I consider myself lucky to have grown up with television viewing for a restricted time with just three channels, as well as no internet or mobile. It was a time when communicating with people meant meeting them and when playing meant getting dirty running in empty roads.

I close off the weekend with: A long face but looking forward for the week and Friday!

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