Long weekend calling! 5 ways to celebrate

It’s the second biggest break after Santa Marija. Here’s how to spend it.
Charlton Heston as Moses in The Ten Commandments never gets old. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Spring is finally with us and we’re all itching to step outside and enjoy the sunshine. Easter is the perfect time to do that. We’ve all got those family drama lunches to attend on Easter Sunday, but there are two more days to the long weekend. Here’s how you can add some colour to them.

5: Dress up for lunch – Grab your friends and dress up as Easter characters. Are you a bunny? An egg? Or just one of the cute animals that go along with the holiday? You can even vote for the best costume at the end of the lunch.

4. Enjoy your figolla from Golden Bay – Ditch the table and fill the picnic cooler with figolli (and maybe a cheeky bottle of Prosecco or beer). Enjoy the Maltese sunshine with a cold one, something to make your sweet tooth sing, and the Mediterranean sea. Nothing beats sitting on the sand – it means summer is right around the corner!

3. Give your neighbours some chocolate – I know – it’s not Halloween, but there is never a wrong time for chocolate and nothing puts as big a smile on our faces as distributing the joy! Stock up on chocolate bunnies and mini-easter eggs and do the route around the block. I’m sure you’ll get a few tasty smiles out of it.

2. Paint Easter eggs – Time to ditch the stress and get creative! Boil some eggs, gather the troops, and get your paints out. Experiment with different patterns and colours before passing the eggs on to your dear ones for good luck. Extremely therapeutic.

1: Binge on Easter movies – Nothing beats a cup of tea, a side of Qagħaq tal-Appostli, and a movie. Enjoy some family time with The Prince of Egypt, The Dog Who Saves Easter, or even Ben Hur or The Ten Commandments for a more vintage feel. Charlton Heston as Moses never really goes out of fashion.

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