San Anton School celebrates diversity and inclusion

Diversity Day featured various age-appropriate sessions that included sharing of personal stories, food and music
Young students learning about Mexico and its culture during Diversity Day at San Anton School. Photos: San Anton School

San Anton School held a Diversity Day last month, during which it celebrated diversity throughout the whole school with various age-appropriate sessions organised by the school’s Department of Emotional Well-being.

The little ones in the Early Years had a great time reading the story Only One You by Linda Kranz, which teaches about the importance of embracing one’s unique qualities and differences.

Guest Martha Attard taking part in a ‘human library’.

The children also painted their own pebbles, representing each child and their uniqueness, which were then placed in the school`s nature area.

The Junior sector celebrated different cultures and traditions from all around the world with the help of various parents who set up stalls in the school foyer to represent their respective cultures.

Various fun activities, such as food tasting, traditional music and interactive displays were held to showcase different languages and customs. The children were very engaged and enthusiastic about the experience.

In the Senior sector, the initiative took the form of a ‘human library’, which allowed the guests to share their personal stories and experiences related to diversity and inclusion.

Educators explaining some cultural aspects of India.

The concept allows people to ‘borrow’ a ‘book’, which is in reality a person who has a unique story or perspective to share. These ‘books'”‘ came from a wide range of backgrounds, including different ethnicities, religions, physical and learning challenges, sexualities and socio-economic backgrounds, all in line with the National Inclusion Guidelines and PSCD curriculum. By sharing their stories, they helped to break down stereotypes and promote empathy and understanding.

The school said that this celebration of diversity and inclusion was a great reminder that everyone has a story worth hearing.

San Anton School believes that diversity is not just something to be celebrated on one day but an integral part of everyday learning and growth and is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all students to thrive and succeed.

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