Mysteries of Maltese folklore: 5 eerie local legends

Ready for some serious chills to match the gloomy weather?

The Maltese islands are full of interesting tales. War, love, passion, crime – you name it, we’ve got it. Today we’re taking a step back from the history books and a step towards some of Malta’s eerie local legends.

1 – The phantom hitchhiker – Burmarrad

Legend has it that the Phantom Hitchhiker roams the streets of Burmarrad at night trying to bum a ride. Only he does not speak when spoken to, but still somehow finds his way into the back seat of the car. He gets off in Mosta. Creepy. 

2 – The Blue Lady – Verdala Palace

Also known as ‘Is-Sinjura tal-Verdala’, the Blue Lady was imprisoned in Verdala Palace. She was not allowed to leave and died while trying to escape through a high window. Still not allowed to leave, she haunts the palace.

3 – Mdina’s headless bride

Poor Katerina was sentenced to death after accidentally killing a knight who tried to attack her. She was allowed to marry her one true love minutes before being beheaded. She is now said to encourage heartbroken men to give up on love and join her in death.

4 – Manoel Theatre lullabies

The Manoel Theatre was built in 1732 by Grand Master de Vilhena. If you ever have rehearsals there, make sure to keep an open ear as you might hear the voice of Grand Master de Vilhena’s mistress singing lullabies in the background.

5 – The haunted house – Gozo

A tale of jealousy between two brothers. Legend has it has the older brother cut off the hands of his younger brother before throwing him into the well to steal his woman. Soon after the wedding, the bride woke up to find her husband strangled to death by severed hands. Do you dare to spend a night in this house to see the scene re-enacted?

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