New single from Manatapu

Shulama is all about the feel-good summer vibes.
The Manatapu band members

As the whole island of Malta is gearing up and feeling the excitement to another great summer, Manatapu just released a music video celebrating this season of joy.  The song to the music video is ‘Shulama’, which is the name of the group of friends which form the Manatapu family.  However the song’s main theme expands the meaning of the family concept in the attempt to send a message on how we should all live in one society irrelevant of color, personality, culture or gender.  This is a feel-good summer song inspiring peace, love and unity.

“This music video is a tribute and a thank you to the beautiful people that we hang out with, and that have always been supporting us as a band from the very start.  This group is called ‘Shulamas’, a bunch of friends all coming from different countries and backgrounds, but all living as one big family in Malta for more than 10 years.  In this video we just wanted to spend a simple genuine day at the beach with them and capture it all in a music video.” explained Pupa, frontman of the band.

Manatapu have a massive summer planned ahead playing in 10 festivals.  Starting with local favourite Earth Garden in June, and carrying on to play both locally and also at Reeds Festival in Switzerland and 7sois around Spain and Portugal.

Shulama is one of the songs in an EP (called Rastaccun) released last year and was recorded and produced by David Depasquale at Spinesplitter.  The video was filmed by Jesse Pass (ROKKR Media) / Petter pictures and produced by Petter Pictures.

Shulama can be streamed on all digital media platforms like Spotify and iTunes, local radio stations, and on the official Manatapu site.

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