US luxury fashion house Coach launches sustainable sub-brand

Discover Coachtopia, Coach’s new range that’s driven by a circular fashion ethos.
The new, sustainable sub-brand launched recently by Coach.

Less than two months ago, Coach, the luxury fashion house established in New York in 1941, launched Coachtopia. This new sub-brand’s range of accessories sold out in mere minutes, and the second drop happened just a few days ago.

This in itself is by no means noteworthy: high-end brands launching more affordable pieces – sometimes in association with other brands like H&M – is always a sure way of selling out. But Coachtopia is different as it seeks to be more sustainable.

In fact, Coachtopia’s main aim is to reduce the use of virgin materials, opting instead for leftover material like leather scraps from Coach’s production, as well as material collected from pre-loved bags, accessories, shoes, and items of clothing. 

What’s more wonderful is that the way the sub-brand’s accessories are created means that they can easily be taken apart, repaired, and repurposed. Moreover, the company is using plenty of recycled plastic to craft its resin and leather.

It doesn’t stop there, though! Every Coachtopia item can be returned to the maker no matter what condition it’s in or how long you’ve had it for. And to make life even easier, each item has an embedded NFC chip that keeps track of the item’s history.

Prices for their pieces so far range from €51 to €460 (based on current exchange rates), making them a lot more affordable than traditional Coach items. Having said that, some Coachtopia items are wildly different to what we’re accustomed to seeing from this fashion house, with less focus on the classic and more on fun – think cherries, flowers, moons, stars, and strawberries. But don’t be alarmed, as there are still some beautiful, understated pieces.

Coachtopia items are being posted in groups on the official Coach website, so keep an eye out and sign up to Coach’s newsletter to find out when the next drop will be. 

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