5 easy ways to digital detox without closing all your accounts

Considering we spend an average of six hours per day staring at a screen, going for a digital detox is not a bad idea. Nevertheless, this doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing affair.

A digital detox is when a person stops themselves from using electronic devices or certain platforms, such as social media ones, for a definite or indefinite period. Some people can manage to go cold turkey, but we must admit that we tend to struggle with that, especially since our jobs require us to be at a computer and to check social media regularly.

Not all is lost, however, as these five easy-to-implement steps show you can tone down screentime without giving up on electronics and social media completely.

Rediscover the print: Although we don’t recommend printing out every article that tickles your fancy on the internet, opting for printed books, magazines, and newspapers means you won’t spend as much time in front of a screen. Moreover, getting your news from a newspaper rather than social media means you get a more curated and contained experience, which can reduce anxiety.

Never use your phone while eating: When it comes to sitting at table for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the occasional midnight snack, make it a point to focus on the people you’re sharing your meal with or, if you’re on your own, on the food you’re consuming. Most times, this will only be 15- to 30-minute break from devices, but it will help you build better relationships and reduce screentime all at once.  

Limit yourself to one device: No, we don’t mean choose between owning a TV, a laptop, or a smartphone. Instead, be sure to only be actively focusing on one screen. So, if you’re watching TV, watch TV. If you’re chatting to friends on your phone, chat to friends. Don’t leave other things on in the background to further distract you. 

Leave your phone outside of the bedroom: Invest in a traditional alarm clock and give yourself some much-needed free time from that melatonin-busting blue light before hitting the sack. This hormone helps us fall asleep and have a more restful sleep, so you’ll thank yourself in the morning!
Spring clean your phone & social media account: Our social media accounts should be there to help us connect with people we like and be inspired by things we love. So go over your friends and pages list and remove anything and anyone that doesn’t fit the bill. Moreover, check your phone and delete any apps that you feel are purely wasting your time.

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