Workshop to promote interdisciplinary collaboration in the arts

Applications open to anyone interested in the creative sectors.

The Gabriel Caruana Foundation is hosting a three-day workshop in Malta, focusing on interdisciplinary collaboration, collective practices, the status of the artist, and the ecology of the arts from a grass-roots perspective.

The workshop is part of Fresh Fabrik (2022-2024), a collaborative, transnational project organised by three cultural organizations from Malta, Estonia, and Hungary. The upcoming workshop provides a unique opportunity for participants to collectively explore these themes and contribute to the discourse surrounding them. It is open to ten participants residing in Malta, who are either already working or just starting their professional careers in the arts.

The overall goal of the project is to react to the new skills needs being faced by artists and cultural practitioners. As a partnership between three organisations – I.T.E.M. Foundation from Hungary, De Structura from Estonia and Malta’s Gabriel Caruana Foundation – each partner is bringing a skill to the table, be it advocacy, entrepreneurial or fundraising skills.

The aim is to raise awareness on the growing skill gaps and foster better responsiveness to the structural problems of the cultural sector. The Fresh Fabrik partnership will carry out different activities to bring change in the cultural sector.

The workshop takes places between July 12 and 15, and anyone involved in the creative sector can register their interest here. Fresh Fabrik is supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The Spring Artistic Programme for Emerging Artists by the Gabriel Caruana Foundation is supported by Arts Council Malta.

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