New edition of Think magazine

A thought-provoking evening undere the theme of Equity.

Think Magazine invites the public to an exciting and thought-provoking evening at Think Soapbox, for the release of the new edition under the theme of ‘Equity’. This event bridges the gap between academia and the public by providing a platform for researchers from the University of Malta to showcase their work in a casual and engaging setting.

Presentations will include themes such as identity politics, wealth taxation and animal rights. The experts will challenge conventional notions of identity politics, equity, and democracy, point out the challenges and advantages of taxing the wealthy, and share eye-opening insights that will make you question our relationships with other species.

After each presentation, the public is invited to participate in a lively Q&A session. It’s the perfect opportunity to interact with passionate minds, satisfy your curiosity, and expand your intellectual horizons. Save your spot for free online and keep updated by following the Facebook event.

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