Children’s book turns into cinema experience

Eden Cinemas hosting Mase Goes Big Screen on July 15
Copies of the book Mase in Space, which was launched in April.

The Sincerely Spectrum clinic, supported by GO plc, is putting up an exciting event for young children at the Eden Cinemas in St Julian’s in collaboration with the Eden Leisure Group on July 15. Mase Goes Big Screen (certified PG) aims to entertain all children, including children with autism.

The event follows the launch and digitalisation of the book Mase in Space earlier this year, which was developed and written by speech and language pathologist Michelle Mifsud and writer Marilyn Formosa and enriched with illustrations by Sharon Naudi. The digital book was created by GO plc.

The book’s focus is to teach communication and to provide further education to children on how to make everyday requests and implement the use of social greetings. The creators of the book said in an interview with X2 that “it has the potential to offer and enhance communication learning opportunities to both neurotypical children and those who are on the spectrum”.  

The fictitious bedtime story is led by an adorable character called Mason, known to readers as Mase. The narrative is set within a dream and revolves around Mase’s space journey using different space vehicles, each with various animals, which he meets and befriends in space. The text utilises rhyme and rhythm to engage young readers and is useful for educators, parents and therapists who wish to implement it as a learning resource.

Attendees at the event on June 15 will have the opportunity to:

▪ meet the authors of Mase in Space and the illustrator;

▪ enjoy photo props with the creators of Mase in Space and its banner;

▪ experience the digital book created by Go plc and interactive features on the cinema screen;

▪ explore wet and dry (mouth-safe) sensory play related to the story;

▪ experiment with watercolours, drawing and crafts with the illustrator;

All the above will be available simultaneously to allow flexibility and to avoid stations to become overcrowded.

There will be two screenings at 9.30 and 11am. For tickets, click here. Anyone attending the event can purchase the book at a special price.

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