New anti-bullying track from singer Stefan Galea

Former Eurovision hopeful works to raise awareness.

Maltese singer and artist Stefan Galea, who earlier this year was a finalist during the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2023 with the song Heartbreaker, has released a new song at midnight titled Not Alone. The song is now available to the public on all social media channels including streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. Earlier this week Maltese artists Destiny, Ryan Hili, Dav Jr and Matt Blxck reacted to the track, after having had the opportunity to get an early listen before it was released for public consumption.

Stefan is the composer and author of the same song with a musical arrangement and production created by Rikki Lee Scicluna from Gilkicker Music. Aside from music, he is an educator by profession and stresses that while the song offers a current regaeton sound which is very popular during the hot summer months.

He elaborates that the track is inspired by the desire to raise awareness about bullying, which is a challenge that Stefan and his fellow colleagues combat in schools in order to ensure the mental well being and personal development of each student. He adds that, despite the challenging theme of the song, it also offers positive and empowering words of reinforcement on how the victim can come out of the situation as a stronger person and winner.

Throughout the years, listeners who have followed Stefan’s journey have seen him grow further within the local music scene through original releases such as Untrue. These releases have continued to showcase his distinct timber and growth. Nowadays his artistic expression incorporates memorable imagery and visuals both in his look and on stage performances.

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