Help these ladies match some furry friends with their forever home

Introducing our new collab with these wonderful humans from HUH.
The ladies behind Help Us Help – HUH.

HUH – Help Us Help is a local voluntary organisation made up of four resilient women, namely Sarah Mallia, Stephania Calleja, Abigail Azzopardi, and Daniela Borg. This group of friends dedicates their time and energy to organise fundraisers in aid of numerous animal shelters that look after dogs, cats, horses, pigs, rabbits, and many other furry friends.

They already have several, successful events under their belt, but they’re always looking for what they can do next to help both the animals and the other humans who volunteer so much of their time, energy, and sometimes hard-earned money to keep these precious creatures safe.

Since every little helps and because we absolutely love what they do, we also wanted to give a helping hand, which is why we are using our platform to help them achieve two things:

  • Raise more money for animal sanctuaries.
  • Help spread the word about the pets that are up for adoption.

Over the next few weeks and months, we will be bringing you pet profiles from across animal sanctuaries in Malta and Gozo; profiles that showcase all the work that goes into taking care of these abandoned pets but also the love and absolute cuteness they could bring into your life should you wish to adopt them.

Needless to say, our job and that of HUH is simply to spread the word. Each animal sanctuary will then conduct its own, routine due diligence to ensure that the pet fits with the adopters’ lifestyle and needs, as well as to ensure that the adopter can take good care of the pet in question.

Moreover, the donation details under each pet’s profile links directly to the animal sanctuary where the pet resides, so there are no middlemen and no cuts taken by anyone. 

The first pet profile will be out next week but, until then, we urge you to follow HUH – Help Us Help on Facebook

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