Top 5 street art to spot in Malta

Murals at the White Rocks Complex in Pembroke. Photo: Chris Sant Fournier

When it comes to art, there is no right or wrong. We all have a creative streak, and it’s nice to see it expressed in art galleries, on social media, and yes, even street art, especially when all we can see lately is grey concrete. If you’re looking for a bit of colour, here’s what to keep an eye out for.

1. White Rocks, Baħar ic-Cagħaq

The blank walls of the abandoned buildings are the perfect spots for artists to use as canvases. Whether a massive puma, the Monopoly man driven by Oxen, or even Popeye the sailor man himself, White Rocks is filled with expressions for passer-bys to enjoy. 

2. Msida Skatepark

The Msida skatepark is known for its bright graffiti, as is the subway that passes beneath it. You’ll find all kinds of murals there, including everything from bubble letters to random colours and political statements.

3. Jerma Palace Hotel

The ruins of the once popular hotel have been converted into murals of all kinds. Artists have expressed themselves using mythological creatures, gremlins and other characters from fantasy movies, and anti-racism pieces.

4. Qui-Si-Sana, Sliema

This popular beach spot is filled with incredible designs of 3D street art murals that make you look twice. Some of these works of art have even made it into tour guides, such as the man who seems to be trying to get out from under the pathway which is crushing him,

5. Ulysses Hotel, Xagħra, Gozo

Just off the Calypso cave, the once abandoned Ulysses Hotel now tells a story through graffiti. From recreations of Scooby Doo to horror messages such as ‘no escape’ and ‘the end’, you’ve pretty much got it all. Definitely not one to miss.

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