Floriana’s gardens join distinguished list of world’s top

The main villa pathway of the Argotti Botanic Gardens.

The Argotti Botanic Gardens in Floriana are now the first in Malta to join a distinguished list of the world’s top gardens after attaining international accreditation.

The Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) Accreditation makes Argotti one of 83 botanic gardens worldwide that have received this recognition.

BGCI is an organisation forming the world’s largest plant conservation network, representing over 800 botanic gardens in 118 countries, said the University of Malta of which the gardens and resource centre form part.

Obtaining this accreditation meant the Argotti Botanic Gardens were now officially recognised as “upholding a global standard for botanic gardens”, the university said.

The BGCI criteria for accreditation included showing strategic direction and governance, the ability to manage and curate a plant collection, as well as engaging in public education, conservation actions and scientific research.

Its development as a botanic garden dates back to the early 19th century when the first Chair of Natural History was established.

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