5 moments that dominated summer ’23

The season’s zeitgest.
The vigil held for Jean Paul Sofia was one of the defining moments of the summer. Photo: Matthew Mirabelli

Summer 2023 has been more than eventful for our little islands. From political disputes to heatwaves from hell and addicting TV shows, it seems like we haven’t had a quiet moment these last few months. Here’s a recap of what, for most, are unforgettable moments that we’ll be discussing all to way to summer 2024.

1. Jean Paul Sofia Vigil

The tragic death of Jean Paul Sofia affected us all. The story of a mother who fights against all odds to get justice for her son united the entire country. The vigil was a pivotal moment not only for the Sofia family, but for Maltese history. 

2. Power cuts & heatwaves

July was quite the adventure. Nationwide power cuts that lasted days on end during the peak of summer pushed many of us to breaking point. Thousands experienced lost freezer food, destroyed medication, dead animals, and a sudden interest in sleeping outside.

3. Love Island’s dramatic break up

The first-ever episode of Love Island Malta debuted on May 14, but the hype went on well beyond sprint. The six weeks that followed were full of sparks, drama, and love triangles, right up to June 30 when Chelsea and Allen were crowned the winners and the dramatic breakup two weeks later. 

4. Summerdaze Festival & the aftermath

The Summerdaze festival took over Santa Maria week, with the main show being on August 15. Thousands attended the event to watch top music stars like the Black Eyed Peas, Zara Larsson, D Block Europe, and Farruko. But the festival was marred with reports of water shortages, queues and costly drink tokens.

5. The Barbieheimer phenomenon

Barbie and Oppemheimer. No two movies could be any more different, and no two movies could be more popular – at the same time. Barbieheimer saw a record number of pink outfits, memes, and cinemagoers.

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