This play channels all the Stranger Things vibes

The script is inspired by the Netflix hit.

Get ready to step into the town of Jackson Falls as a group of teenagers try to save the town after a mysterious girl arrives during a devastating storm. Her arrival sets off a chain of events that awakens a malevolent spirit, intent on destruction. Out of The Darkness, taking place at the Valletta Campus Theatre, is a riveting production incorporating stunning visuals and great acting.

As tension escalates, a portal to a parallel timezone is opened, leading the audience on a thrilling journey into the unknown. With amazing acting, stunning visuals, awesome soundtrack and a riveting storyline crafted by the talented UK writer & Director David Hirst Samuels, this production will keep you on the edge of your seat. Included is a guest performance by Alan Montanaro.

The production runs between September 21 and 23 and tickets are available here.

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