Looking at a career to help our environment?

These new courses can help you go green places.

The Institute of Earth Systems is offering, for the first time, a series of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) units at Master level in the field of environmental monitoring and assessment.

The new CPD units form part of the recently launched full-time M.Sc. in Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, which will equip students with the knowledge and expertise they require in order to work in the field of environmental science.

The course programme aims to provide training in monitoring approaches, in handling environmental data and in assessing observed changes with a view to the safe and responsible use of environmental resources.

The structure of the M.Sc. in Environmental Monitoring and Assessment allows interested individuals currently in fulltime employment to follow one or more study units as part a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme at their place of work. The content of the new CPD units is designed to keep people already working in this field conversant with technological advances and current thinking in environmental monitoring and assessment. In addition, students who successfully complete a sufficient number of units will be eligible for the award of a Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma.

The application deadline is September 29, and interested applicants are invited to consult the course information page for details about how to apply for these CPD study-units. In case of any queries, and for more information, contact the course coordinator,Charles Galdies.

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