Dog lovers won’t get enough of this podcast

Comedians Jack Dee and Seann Walsh have created the ultimate heart-warming show.
Photo: Shutterstock

Dog podcasts are a dime a dozen nowadays. The problem with most of them is that they lack soul. You may get a perfectly serviceable account of the best way to house-train your new puppy, or even cute stories about rescues, Q&A sessions with pro trainers and the latest research in doggo healthcare.

But wow do they take themselves seriously. Where are self-deprecating jokes, the ‘oh my god I did that too’ moments, and the tales of mishaps, misadventure and more? If that’s what you’re looking for, OMD – Oh My Dog!, fits the bill perfectly.

Comedians Seann Walsh and Jack Dee are the perfect sparring partners, sharing stories about their relationships with their dogs and inviting a celebrity guest to quiz them about the same. On the menu: do you let your dog kiss you on the mouth? And do you let them sleep in your bed? Obviously, never just ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers, each comes with countless hilarious anecdotes.

The best question is possibly whether the guests use a special voice to speak to their pooches and whether they have a song. This won’t come as a surprise to dog owners, but many of course do. And they’re quite happy to sing along, their dogs sometimes barking away. Voice notes from listeners are also accepted, and sometimes thesea are actually the best.

My favourite guests on the show so far: Angela Barnes, Melanie Sykes and Romesh. New episodes are released every Monday and they’re available for streaming on Spotify.

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