Flying the nest to a foreign college can be daunting

This checklist can help make things easier.

As many older students are choosing to attend a foreign college and experience life abroad, for many of you this may be the very first ever experience of independent living. Leaving things to the last minute will only create more stress as it involves running from store to store like a headless chicken. Here are some essentials to start you off on a good note.

Protect new purchases on campus

A new school year brings plenty of excitement, but it can also be stressful for students moving away from home who need to safeguard valuables like tablets, smartphones, passports, or an emergency credit card. To help alleviate back-to-school worries, SentrySafe, a leading name in fire-resistant and security storage for more than 90 years, offers solutions to provide peace of mind for parents and students. An affordable, convenient, and fireproof option, the 1200 Fire Chest protects items against fires up to 1,500 F for 30 minutes. It also features a built-in key lock and convenient handle for added security and simplified transport. Find more back-to-school security solutions at sentrysafe.com.

Quick and easy meals that deserve an A+

Keeping weeknight dinners and school lunches simple means more time for family and less stress during the week. Cook up quick and easy weeknight dinners, school lunches or on-the-go snacks with Minute Rice Cups. Ready in only 1 minute, the BPA-free cups are available in a variety of flavors such as Chicken & Herb, Cilantro & Lime, Jalapeno and more. Visit MinuteRice.com to get meal ideas today.

Make organisation personal

Help your student keep notes, study times and test dates organized with a quality planner that also showcases his or her personality. Available in a myriad of trendy colors and patterns – like polka dots, stripes or chevron – as well as various calendar layouts like daily, weekly or monthly, the right planner can help students of all ages stay on track, achieve goals and preserve memories in one stylish and organized place.

Sleep in style

Where a student sleeps may be one of the last things on his or her mind when thinking about the excitement that awaits in college but getting plenty of sleep is key to success. Amp the appeal of the dorm-issue mattress with stylish and comfy bedding that reflects your personality. Look for quality threads you can snuggle into, and coordinate with pillows to make your bed a cozy place to sit and study by day.

Take H2O on the go

A durable reusable water bottle can make your back-to-school routine even easier. With a variety of sizes and styles available in a multitude of colors and designs, there’s almost certain to be an option for students of all ages and activity levels. Look for durable, leak-proof stainless steel or hard plastic options that offer different lid styles, including wide-opening or those with retractable straws, to make hydrating on the walk between classes a breeze.

Find more life hacks at eLivingtoday.com.

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