Unveiling Ingmar Bergman

Spazju Kreattiv casts spotlight on the Swedish filmmaker.
Gunnel Lindblom and Birgitta Pettersson in The Virgin Spring (1960).

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman! Spazju Kreattiv Cinema presents a captivating retrospective of this iconic filmmaker’s work. With his profound exploration of human existence, introspective narratives, and innovative visual storytelling, Bergman has left an indelible mark on the history of cinema.

The Virgin Spring is based on a legend from the 14th century. Töre and Märeta have a daughter, Karin, who with her golden hair and blue eyes enchants everyone around her. The deeply religious Märeta thinks her love for her daughter is sinful as it surpasses her love for God. Töre, also a Christian, believes his wife spoils their daughter but he too is unable to refuse any of her wishes. Despite this, Karin is generous and open-minded and possesses the purest of souls.

The film screens on October 7 at 8.30PM at Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta.

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