David Beckham’s documentary is all everyone’s talking about

The Netflix series follows the life of one of the world’s most famous footballers and features Victoria Beckham, Six Alex Furguson, and many others.
David and Victoria Beckham. Photo: Shutterstock

Football legends like David Beckham don’t come often, particularly as his talent and life choices have given him celebrity status across the globe and a net worth of around €428 million. But no legacy comes without trials, tribulations, and scandal, and a new four-part series on Netflix is dissecting some of the former midfielder’s most infamous and talked about moments. 

These include the time football manager Sir Alex Ferguson accidentally kicked a boot to his head, leaving him with stitches above his left eye; how receiving a red card during the 1998 World Cup left him ‘clinically depressed’; how his relationship with Posh Spice affected his game; and the impact of the alleged affair with one of his former personal assistants.

Talking about all this are some of the people who were there during the actual happenings. These include his wife Victoria, his parents Ted and Sandra Beckham, former team-mate Gary Neville, former football manager Sir Alex Ferguson, former Spice Girls member Mel C, and former footballer Rio Ferdinand OBE, to mention but a few.

Directed by Oscar-winning director Fisher Stevens, and produced by Oscar- and Emmy-winning producer John Battsek, there’s a lot more to unpack in this documentary than one would first assume. It’s a raw and intimate look inside the head of one-half of one of the world’s most photographed, talked-about, and written-about couples, and it’s already out on Netflix.

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