New edition of University science magazine out

This month’s edition focuses on automation and AI.

Whether you’re placing new items of clothing in your favourite online carts, booking your next flight tickets, or checking your latest payroll, you are making use of an automated process.

Automation has become an integral part of our lives in this digital age. Information is currency, and thus automation emerges as an ally, not a threat, because it helps us navigate the dynamic landscape of the digital age with clarity, efficiency and integrity.

But while the goal of automation is to make our lives easier, it doesn’t mean that implementing it is going to be so smooth-sailing. There are challenges ahead: misinformation, privacy concerns and ethical consideration are but a few.

While it is exciting to imagine what the future will be like, it is imperative that researchers not only develop robust algorithms, but that they are at the forefront of policy recommendations and ethics boards. Furthermore, we also have a duty to be responsible in the way we utilise the tools at our disposal; including automated tools.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence are a defining part of the current century. They have become an extension of our abilities.

The latest edition of Think, the University of Malta’s science magazine, takes a look at how technology is being used and developed; whether it’s making travelling safer, improving our quality of life, and teaching AI how to interpret human emotions and analyse the news.

Grab your free copy of Think from the University of Malta Campus.

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