October print edition of Sunday Circle out today

Spotlight on ŻfinMalta ‘s new and bold contemporary dance programme.

A new edition of the print magazine Sunday Circle is out today with the Sunday Times of Malta. This month we see a spotlight on contemporary dance, as national dance company ŻfinMalta announces its new, bold season’s programme.

There’s more arts and culture to enjoy, as composer Alex Vella Gregory speaks about the Jesuits’ Music & More series, where he takes on the role of music director. The aim behind this series of concerts, literary evenings and visual arts exhibitions are created with the aim of taking culture to the Valletta community. This month’s book publication page focuses on Stephan D Mifsud’s Maltese Mythology, while we also take an in-depth look at Maltese filmmaker (and X2 author) Sarah Jayne’s Cats of Malta. There’s fashion, with the C&R collection that was launched to much acclaim at Milan Fashion Week, as well as events, history and more.

And for those who have the autumn travel bug, the editor takes a DIY approach to the beautiful French city of Bordeaux. Pick up your copy today. The Sunday Circle is published and printed by Allied Group. Its executive editor is Ramona Depares.

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