Exhibition exploring contemporary motherhood

Artist Rebecca Bonaci examines the figure of the mother.

Running up to December 3 at Spazju Kreattiv, Ġuf is a project exploring and celebrating contemporary motherhood through the visual art of Rebecca Bonaci. Motherhood and the figure of the mother are being examined in a cultural-historical, philosophical, psychological and artistic depth. The cultural-historical and societal changes that have changed the social position of women over this vast timeframe, have also changed the cultural norms and expectations associated with motherhood.

Referencing the Maltese word for ‘womb’, Ġuf explores the theme of contemporary motherhood, informed by the rich prehistoric remains and rituals found in the Maltese archipelago. The iconography and imagery from the primordial period will be revalued and interpreted by Bonaci and her curatorial team, with the artworks presented in dialogue with artefacts from the period. Bonaci will also draw from her personal experience of family bonding, femininity, recent social history, childbearing and motherhood so as to present a dialogue between past and present.

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