Missing Halloween? Check out the Enfield Poltergeist recordings

Apple TV+ recently dropped a documentary which includes original recordings made during one of the world’s most notorious real-life hauntings.

Halloween may be behind us, but Apple TV+ subscribers can experience the Enfield Poltergeist case, one of history’s most famous and well-documented, through a recently-dropped documentary that is chilling viewers to the bone.

The Enfield Poltergeist haunting took place in a council house in Enfield, London, between August 1977 and September 1978. The phenomena started with furniture supposedly moving on its own accord, which led the owner, Peggy Hodgson, a single-mother of two, to contact the police. 

Within the next 18 months, the happenings increased in frequency and scope and included loud banging, knocking, disembodied voices, moving objects, apparent demonic possession, and even children levitating. Strange happenings were observed by dozens of people ranging from neighbours to the police, and journalists to paranormal investigators. 

The case, as one can imagine, received regular coverage on many British newspapers, and it continues to intrigue people to this day. The second installment in The Conjuring movie franchise was based on the story, while images of Janet, one of Peggy’s children, supposedly levitating have become some of the most famous ones related to the paranormal.

In Apple TV+’s new documentary, entitled The Enfield Poltergeist, director Jerry Rothwell brings the story to life through reenactments of the events. But, more impressively, he has also been given access to over 200 hours worth of original recordings from the case, and secured interviews with the Hodgson sister, who experienced the events first-hand.

Split over four episodes, we certainly don’t recommend watching this documentary in the dark!

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