Weed weddings are now a thing

Will this catch on in Malta, and would it be legal?

As weed gets legalised in more states across the US, many couples are opting for what has been dubbed as ‘weed weddings’. In essence, this trend basically sees weed becoming part of the ceremony and ensuing reception.

How this is done depends on what the newlyweds prefer and, of course, their budgets. Yet with a growing number of wedding planners specialising in this type of wedding, the marijuana-infused products on offer are endless.

There are Bud Bars, where instead of alcohol, budtenders (yes, that’s what they’re called) offer guests a selection of THC products for consumption. There are also floral arrangements with embedded weed-themed motifs, marijuana edibles like space cakes handed out in welcome bags, and THC products being handed out as wedding favours to guests.

One of the reasons behind the growth of this trend seems to be the younger generation’s move from alcohol, which is rarely found at such weddings. Moreover, since hemp, a botanical class of Cannabis, can be used to create paper products like invitations and signage, as well as fabric for the wedding gown or suits, weed weddings are also seen as more environmentally sustainable.

We wonder, though, would you consider holding a weed wedding yourself? Although weed has been decriminalised, the legal landscape in Malta remains quite complicated, so we can only advise extreme caution to anyone reading this!

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