‘Each piece has a sentimental meaning that makes it truly special’

Model and Best Male Model winner, Ishmael Grech, explains why his Malta Fashion Awards 2018 outfit was created by putting together pieces that had sentimental value to him.
  1. What would you consider to be your favourite fashion moment? Most definitely the one I wore when I won the Best Male Model Award at the 2018 Malta Fashion Awards. It’s my biggest achievement and proudest moment in fashion and modelling to date.
  1. Can you describe the outfit in detail: I went with a formal look but I wanted to add my own edge to it with different textures and prints. Starting off, I had a navy blue Emporio Armani shirt, which I combined with a vintage, lightly-chequered waistcoat, a pair of spotted, blue and beige Emporio Armani trousers, and a pair of Angel Infantes leather loafers. Finally, to complete the look and give it a bit of a summery feel – it was a hot day! –  I also wore a long, off-white, linen trench from Zara.
  1. How did you accessorise this outfit? I love accessories and always include them in my outfits. To elevate the look, I wore a pair of vintage Ray-bans in camel-coloured leopard print and a gold Raymond Weil timepiece. I also wore a number of rings that I have bought on various trips, a silver coin necklace, and some bracelets.
  1. How did you decide upon what type of hair, make-up, and nails to combine with your outfit? At the time my hair was quite long with a side-skin fade, so I styled it with a slickback. I also sported a handlebar moustache and a goatee.
  1. What or who inspired the outfit? This outfit remains a special one to me as the inspiration came from pieces that were given to me by some of the closest people in my life. The shirt and trousers had been a birthday present from my mum; the waistcoat was my late grandfather’s; the shoes were a Christmas present from my father, which he brought back from Milan; and the coat was given to me by my siblings. Each piece has a sentimental meaning and that makes it truly special for me.

6. Who is your favourite style icon and why? My style icon would have to be Johnny Depp: he can pull off any style and I love the way he wears hats and lots of accessories!

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