Environmental concerns tackled in multidisciplinary exhibition

Exhibition tackles environmental concerns which are rapidly changing our landscapes.

Possible Worlds is a multidisciplinary exhibition which tackles the environmental concerns which are rapidly changing the local and international landscapes. Whilst addressing the destruction of the natural and social environment through urban expansion, the artworks offer alternative possibilities for building the future, collectively and creatively. Artworks by Maltese and international artists will present diverse voices on this urgent topic.

Throughout the exhibition, children will have the opportunity to engage with the works and express their ideas on their present and future life on planet Earth. The exhibition runs until December 10 and is curated by Nikki Petroni. Participating artists include Mario Abela, Ġulja Holland, Shezad Dawood, Helen Zughaib, Lara Baladi, Toontuloon, Pierre Portelli, Nora Byrne and Juliana España Keller. A series of workshops is also being held. For more information visit spazjukreattiv.org.

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