Sondheim classic Into The Woods coming to Malta

Teatru Manoel announces a January auditions for the 2025 production.
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‘Be careful what you wish for’, as Into The Woods, the 1987 musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by James Lapine Is coming to Teatru Manoel in May 2025. Auditions will take place throughout January 2024.

Teatru Manoel’s new staging of Into The Woods will be under the direction of Lucienne Camilleri, with musical direction by Ryan Paul Abela. Camilleri and Abela, known for their collaboration on local productions such as The Addams Family, Chicago, and Teatru Manoel’s own Sweeney Todd, will also be teaming up for a production of Cabaret at Teatru Manoel in May 2024.

“The prospect of delving into Stephen Sondheim’s enchanting and intricate score, coupled with James Lapine’s thought-provoking narrative, ignites a passionate energy. As the conductor, there’s an anticipation of weaving together the harmonious tapestry of melodies that seamlessly intertwine with the rich enticing plot,” said Ryan Abela. “The challenge of guiding a talented cast through the magical and complex twists of the story, where beloved fairy tales converge in unexpected ways, adds a layer of artistic thrill. The process of translating the characters’ emotions into musical expression and creating a cohesive, mesmerising performance is a gratifying adventure. The prospect of bringing the enchanting world of Into the Woods to life through the power of music is an electrifying and fulfilling endeavour for any musical director.”

Into The Woods weaves together the plots of various well-known fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm into a captivating narrative. The story delves into the power and danger of ‘wishing’ and explores the lengths one might go to achieve their deepest desires. Notable characters such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, and The Wolf are featured, all connected by the journey of a humble baker and his wife seeking to undo a curse placed on them by the witch. Sondheim’s compelling music and lyrics underscore this whimsical narrative, creating an emotional, entertaining, and evocative musical theatre experience.

“Fairy tales should end ‘happily ever after’ – but what if there’s a twist to this? What happens if this everlasting happiness was actually not in the books, and we are well and truly in the woods? Sondheim will take us on this eerie, magical journey and surprise or shock us as we take a step into this different take of what happens now,” said Lucienne Camilleri.

Teatru Manoel’s Artistic Director Adrian Mamo said, “A Stephen Sondheim musical is always a joy to listen to and a wonder to watch onstage. We are very excited to present this new production at Teatru Manoel and we are sure that our audiences will be thrilled with this whimsical and magical tale”.

Auditions are open for all roles, welcoming performers of various ages, genders, and vocal ranges. Scheduled for January 27th and 28th, 2024, auditionees are required to memorise a short piece of text and perform a song from the musical. For more details on auditions and available roles, interested individuals can visit the Teatru Manoel website.

Visit teatrumanoel.mt/opportunities for additional information on Into The Woods, to download an audition pack and to fill in the application form. Applications are to be sent by 5pm on Monday, January 15th, 2024, with “Into the Woods Audition” in the subject field. If you are shortlisted, you will be contacted after January 15th, 2024.

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