New Entertainment Industry and Arts Association President

Maria Galea succeeds Howard Debono as president of MEIA.

The Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts Association (MEIA) has announced the appointment of Maria Galea as its new President, succeeding Howard Keith Debono. Maria, renowned in the Maltese visual arts scene as a distinguished cultural and art professional, brings valuable experience and insight to this prestigious role.

Since MEIA’s inception, Maria has played an important role, initially as Chair of the Visual Arts sub-committee and then elected as Vice President in the last General Meeting. Her presidency marks a period of significant growth and solid foundation-building within the association.

“The creative sectors are not only unique but also vital to our society, holding boundless potential. I firmly believe in positioning these sectors on equal footing with other industries, recognising their vast socio-economic impact. We persist in our efforts to establish robust foundations and infrastructure, ensuring efficiency, sustainability, accessibility, and raising awareness of the arts and entertainment sectors, all while championing for our members. Therefore, I extend a heartfelt invitation to all, both within and outside the sector, to join hands with MEIA in our ongoing efforts to cultivate a robust and dynamic creative industry that stands on equal footing with other prominent sectors.

“Both Howard’s and Toni Attard’s leadership as President and Vice President has been instrumental in giving our sector a voice, setting a much-needed solid foundation for the creative community, which we are extremely grateful for. I am privileged to work with the exceptional professionals within our executive and advisory committees. Together, we aim to further this legacy, fostering a sustainable creative industry and championing our artistic community.”

In its statement, MEIA thanked outgoing president Howard Debono for his visionary leadership and unwavering commitment.

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