These 3 apps will make travelling easier

Use maps while offline, exchange money, and roam at cheaper rates: these three apps will make travelling that much simpler.

Travelling is always a joy, but there’s no doubt that certain tasks can be somewhat daunting. Nevertheless, there are myriad apps on both iOS and Android that can make life easier and cheaper when jetsetting.

Airalo: Having internet on your phone when travelling is important, but rates for out-of-Europe travelling are not exactly cheap. Airalo is an eSim app that you can basically use instead of your actual data plan. Prices depend on whether you pick a local, regional, or global eSim, as well as how much data you’d like to have. The best part is that it works with any modern smartphone and you don’t need a second sim port for it to work!

Sygic: This app uses GPS navigation to guide you to your destination without the need for you to have internet on your phone — perfect if you’re in a dead zone or not planning on using roaming while abroad. All you have to do is download the maps of the places you’ll be visiting when you have an internet connection.

Revolut: This may be an obvious one, but the fact that the app allows you to exchange euro to dozens of currencies at cheap rates makes it invaluable. You can also use the credit card it comes with to withdraw money in any currency from most ATMs around the globe. 

Do you know of, or use, any other apps that are great for travelling? If so, share them with us and our readers in the comments.

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