Six established watercolourists exhibit at the Malta Society Of Arts

Nucleus unveils the vision of artists, Jeni Caruana, Debbie Caruana Dingli, Anna Galea, Anna Grima, Tonio Mallia and Kenneth Zammit Tabona through their latest works.
Filfla, by Kenneth Zammit Tabona

Nucleus is a collective exhibition set to showcase the watercolour paintings of six well-known and seasoned artists who have also been friends for a substantial part of their painting careers. Jeni Caruana, Debbie Caruana Dingli, Anna Galea, Anna Grima, Tonio Mallia, and Kenneth Zammit Tabona share a profound camaraderie cultivated over years of artistic collaboration. Their exhibition of watercolour paintings runs until February 1.

This exhibition marks a significant reunion for the group, who had previously exhibited together in November 2005, as part of a bigger group in an exhibition that had garnered acclaim and which had been accompanied by an illustrative book. Nineteen years on, and after holding numerous solo exhibitions, these six artists are reuniting to demonstrate the versatility of watercolour as a medium.

Beyond being a platform to unveil their latest works, Nucleus aspires to reignite public interest in watercolour artistry. While watercolours are frequently displayed in Malta, this exhibition aims to leave a collective impact, spotlighting the diverse and bold applications of watercolour in the hands of experienced artists. The exhibition illustrates how watercolour, initially inert when dry, comes to life with the simple addition of water.

The six artists employ a range of water-based media, including traditional watercolour, gouache, ink, acrylic, and other liquid pigments to showcase their creativity. They use innovative techniques such as lining a traditional oil support with watercolour paper and incorporating collage to their works in order to add a unique dimension to their works.

Nucleus extends an invitation to viewers to delve into the beauty of watercolour painting, encouraging them to ponder the processes, techniques, and individual approaches adopted by each artist. In addition to celebrating the rich history of the medium of watercolour, the artists also embrace contemporary possibilities.

 The artists also hope to inspire a younger generation of artists. Their collective vision includes encouraging the establishment of a Watercolour Society in Malta, dedicated to promoting appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of this versatile artistic medium.

Delighted by the variety of paintings on display, MSA President Arch. Adrian Mamo extends a warm invitation to the public to visit the exhibition: “Nucleus promises to be a captivating journey into the boundless realms of watercolour artistry, and the Malta Society of Arts invites everyone to visit.”

Nucleus, An Exhibition by Six Established Watercolour Artists runs until February 1 at the Malta Society of Arts. For more details visit www.artsmalta.org.

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