The new nose-covering trend explained

Some Gen Zers are covering their noses in family photos: here’s why.
Nose-covering – the Gen Z way of telling parents to leave them alone. Photo: TikTok

If there is one thing the internet has taught us it’s that new trends can come out of nowhere and take over a new sphere of our lives. The latest in such trends has been introduced by Gen Zers, who, to their parents’ dismay, are actively covering their noses and faces in family photos. 

As explained by parents on the internet who have managed to crack the code, the nose-covering trend is actually a way for teens to avoid being bullied in private group chats they’re in with their school peers and friends. By covering their noses and faces, they are essentially sending a message that, no, they did not consent to this photo being taken and uploaded onto social media.

According to experts, however, the trend also stems from the fact that, as teenagers, we all feel more self conscious about our appearance, especially as our bodies change, our skins break out, and we get correctional implements like braces. Therefore, it is natural that we may not want a picture of ourselves which we don’t like being uploaded to the internet for everyone to see and judge.

The best way around this, according to some parents on the internet, is not to pressure teens into having their photos taken. Having said that, it’s also understandable that parents would want momentos of special days or fun family activities. In this case, it’s important to reassure the teens that the photos will not be posted on social media – and to actually stick to that promise. 

Either way, experts are adamant that this should be a passing phase, similar to the many we went through back in our days as teenagers!

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