Art Explora festival installation

Visitors to Spazju Kreattiv will have the opportunity of immersing themselves in the world of VR.

Spazju Kreattiv’s Space B is set to undergo a captivating transformation into an immersive installation during the Art Explora festival. This unique space offers a sneak peek into the array of creative projects showcased at the port.

As part of the experience, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality, with available sets offering captivating journeys through time and space. These sets grant access to forgotten archaeological sites in the Mediterranean and feature recent virtual reality creations aligned with the festival’s themes: exile, migration, and heritage.

Supported by Creative Europe, this collaborative platform will serve as a comprehensive documentation tool for the Art Explora festival’s Mediterranean odyssey. This platform, freely accessible to all, will house activities, resources, partner testimonials, and diverse content. Its objectives include documenting stages, sharing information, promoting openness, facilitating dialogue, and reflecting the diversity of voices, all while ensuring the project’s long-term legacy.

Post-festival, this space will transition into a documentation hub, providing an accessible record of the creative energy experienced during the 10-day celebration. Art Explora takes place between March 7 and May 5.

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