What is the Short King Spring trend?

One of the latest dating trends is less about how women date and more about who they date. In fact, it’s all about their male dates’ height.
Zendaya and Tom Holland. Photo: Shutterstock

One of the latest dating trends taking over TikTok and YouTube is the Short King Spring, which has essentially seen taller women becoming open to the possibility of finding love with men who are under 173cm in height.

This may seem like a strange thing to many, especially in Malta where we don’t tend to be that tall to begin with, but according to a study conducted by Bumble, one in every three Gen Z on the dating app is now considering dating someone shorter than them. That is a significant shift from any other demographic on the app.

The ‘trend’, if we can even call it that, has also been given a lot of traction due to many of the world’s most famous couples sharing this dynamic. Zendaya, for example, is 9cm taller than boyfriend Tom Holland; Sophie Turner is 5cm taller than her ex-husband Joe Jonas; and Nicole Kidman is 2cm taller than husband Keith Urban. Of course, these amounts are almost insignificant when looked at it like this, but add a pair of high-hells that are 7.5 to 10cm high, and that different becomes stark.

Having said all this, blogger Rich Cooper believes that this decision to only date men who are taller has actually been exacerbated by dating apps. In real life, he said, women are more likely to look at other things as make-or-break factors, such as communication style, dress style, and socialisation style.

Whatever the truth is, the reality remains that the Short King Spring trend has become especially popular as of late, covered by many of the world’s leading media outlets…

What are your thoughts about it?

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