5 weekend outdoor activities

Time to get some Vitamin D in!
Buskett Gardens provide the perfect leafy spot for a picnic.

The weather seems to be settling (ish) and it’s the perfect time to enjoy some outdoor activities before summer’s hell gates open up and it’s too hot to do anything other than fry on the beach or sit under the AC. If you’re looking for inspiration, I’ve got you covered:

Hiking in Dingli Cliffs

Grab a good pair of shoes and head over to Dingli Cliffs for an invigorating experience with stunning views of the Mediterranean waters. Walk along the serene path and observe the local flora as you come across ancient chapels. Since the path is relatively easy, this is a kid-friendly activity that is perfect for all the family.

Picnicking in Buskett Gardens

What was once hunting ground for the Knights of Malta has now become a lush picnic spot for the entire family. Pack a bag with your favourite snacks, pull out the picnic blanket, and enjoy the tranquillity among the trees and undergrowth. You can even take a pack of cards or a board game to add more to your day.

Sunset yoga at Riviera Bay

Yoga mats are easy to find, and Riviera Bay is the perfect spot to get some rejuvenating exercise in. Go through the process of your session as you watch the romantic sunset in the background. The combination of yoga and sunset works because it offers that moment of true peace between the body and mind.

Explore the prehistoric temples

Turn your weekend into a cultural experience by visiting the prehistoric temples of Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra, the oldest free-standing structures in the world. These megalithic complexes date back to around 3600 – 3200 BC, offering a glimpse into the lives of Malta’s ancient inhabitants, i.e. our ancestors.

Bird watching at Għadira Nature Reserve

If you’re a bird enthusiast, then the Għadira Nature Reserve is the ideal place for you. This protected wetland hosts a wide range of migratory and resident bird species. Walk down nature trails as you discover birds like flamingos, herons, and various duck species.

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