Boutique hospitality, by design

As part of its growing property portfolio, pioneering PropTech brand Zzzing recently opened Spinola Stays.
CEO Bikram Arora.

CEO Bikram Arora shares how the recently opened Spinola Stays guesthouse has redefined boutique hospitality using creativity, authenticity and a touch of Malta.

“Travellers no longer seek a ‘cookie cutter’ experience,” begins Bikram Arora, Founder and CEO of Zzzing, and Managing Partner at the In21 Group. “They will have carefully chosen their travel destination, perhaps to celebrate an occasion, spend time with family, attend an important business meeting, or simply find an escape in affordable luxury to feel pampered and re-energised. We, as an industry, must strive to understand why each guest has specifically selected Malta for their trip – and we must deliver on their expectations.”

With this in mind, Zzzing has launched Spinola Stays: an 18-room boutique guesthouse located in the residential heart of St Julian’s. As the pilot project in ‘Stays’ brand, Spinola Stays is the first fully owned venture from the In21 Group, pooling the collective resources, expertise and talent of sister companies MTS Consulting, fmcore and Zzzing to realise it.

Spinola Stays blends creativity with hospitality, with a distinctly Maltese flair. To achieve this, Zzzing has partnered with like-minded local brands, entrepreneurs and startups such as Souvenirs That Don’t Suck, Boho Haven, RugLab Malta, Manouche and Tettiera, to design every aspect of the guest journey – including the breakfast menu.

“When someone books into a boutique property, they’re expecting something different, with a personal touch,” continues Arora. “We’ve worked hard to design every detail, including a new breakfast menu that builds on the standard ‘Continental’ with a taste of Malta. After all, why shouldn’t we include Maltese handmade pastries and cuisine as part of our breakfast selection? Boutique hospitality should authentically showcase Malta’s personality as a destination, in every moment of a guest’s stay.”

Zzzing’s commitment to collaborating with local creatives also extended to commissioning artist Sephora Mifsud, who hand-painted an eye-catching ‘Selfie-Spot Mural’ on the wall of the Spinola Stays breakfast room. Likewise, channelling its Good Surprises Only campaign, the Zzzing team has added other details designed to raise a smile and evoke the laid-back Mediterranean island lifestyle, such as affirmations on mirrors, ice cream in the room for guests with children, and chilled-out cocktail evenings atop the rooftop terrace.

“Our styling is high on comfort, low on fussy frills,” Arora explains. “Guests want their stay to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, while still retaining a sense of luxury and exceptional comfort.”

In fact, sustainability is a top priority at Spinola Stays, especially as the ‘Stays’ brand will soon expand to include Mosta Stays and Sliema Stays, joining Zzzing’s other soon-to-open property, Avalon Boutique in Valletta. As well as dispensers that negate single-use plastic and a strict waste reduction policy, an innovative waste management system also prevents pavement-cluttering waste bags in residential areas – complementing Zzzing’s Respect the Neighbours campaign in which guests are encouraged to ‘live like a local’.

As a PropTech brand, Zzzing taps into custom-built technology to deliver a bespoke experience for guests as they explore the Maltese islands. With Self-Check-in, guests have greater control over their reservation from their smartphone or tablet. Meanwhile, the Virtual Concierge app puts Zzzing’s expert team at their fingertips, 24/7 – for everything from booking a taxi to insider tips on making the most of their time in Malta.

“We understand that technology is the tool to support people, but never to replace people,” Arora concludes. “It is the people that make Malta, that ensure visitors’ expectations are met, and that inspire them to return. At Spinola Stays, we want to reaffirm the people and the unique culture of Malta as the beating heart of boutique hospitality.”

More information about Zzzing is available at www.zzzing.com.

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