Tiny keys, big sounds

Tricia Dawn Williams presents a series of toy piano projects.

The toy piano may seem like an unlikely candidate for the classical concert hall, yet all around the world, thousands of musicians gather every year for festivals, conferences and concerts featuring this unique instrument.

And this is exactly what pianist Tricia Dawn Williams has set out to do with a series titled Toy Piano+, which goes beyond the solo instrument. The first concert in the series, entitled Tiny Keys – Big Sounds, takes place on May 3 at Spazju Kreattiv, with a programme for toy piano, electonic music and small percussion instruments.

The project contributes to the growing repertoire through the commissioned works that will showcase the artistic potential and expressive possibilities of the toy piano. This unique concert inspires audiences and raises the awareness that toy pianos can indeed be considered a concert instrument.

For the series, Williams has commissioned 10 new works to local and foreign composers. The series will also include a concert in January 2025 combining the toy piano with a backdrop of video-art projections, and an outreach program of six concerts for children taking place in schools and local councils. These will feature a storytelling narration accompanied by a live toy piano soundtrack. The music commissioned for the project will be recorded professionally and released as an album by Parma Recordings on all music streaming platforms.

Tiny Keys – Big Sounds is part of Toy Piano+ supported by Arts Council Malta.

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