Subverting the myths

Gabriel Buttigieg’s fabricATE presents dark and exhilarating narratives.

From the mundanity of the everyday, to the grandeur of the historical, fantastical and biblical, with his exhibition fabricATE, artist Gabriel Buttigieg reworks Graeco-Roman myths from Oedipus to Ovid, and subverts them.

Woven on fine fabric, these narratives are at once dark and exhilarating. Each one presenting itself in the guise of a metaphor for the moral, erotic and spiritual questions that have beset humans since the dawn of time.

Taken in silo, each narrative is whole; taken in series, the narratives turn into chapters or volumes that contain an overt balance that seemingly celebrates dichotomy interlaced within the folds of paint and fabric. Buttigieg fabricates new stories out of old, producing a metamorphosis which both veils and expresses, reveals and distorts. Epic scenes, battles, love stories. Buttigieg is an able ‘manipulator’, reciting each narrative, with the ability of a seasoned storyteller, whose tales defy expectation and convention.

fabricATE runs at Spazju Kreattiv between April 26 and June 23. The exhibition is curated by Lisa Gwen.

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