Two colleges form one team for Olympic-themed project

Students from Stella Maris College and Sacred Heart College participate in Erasmus project together
Students and educators from Stella Maris College Senior School and Sacred Heart College Senior School during their trip to France.

Students from Stella Maris College Senior School and Sacred Heart College Senior School recently participated as one team in a memorable school trip to participate in an Erasmus Plus project organised by the French Lasallian College of St Jean Baptiste de la Salle in Laval, France.

The project, entitled ‘JOEUP − the Olympic Games in the Heart of Europe’, brought together students from Malta and Greece to a French host school for a week-long programme.

Through sports, cultural and linguistic activities based on the Olympic Games, the Maltese students acquired a better understanding and respect for the world around them.

Prior to their adventure, students engaged in discussions and activities centred around the history of the Olympics, the significance of sportsmanship, and the values of determination and perseverance embodied by athletes worldwide.

These preparatory sessions instilled a deeper appreciation for the Games and their cultural significance, enriching the students’ understanding beyond the surface glamour of the event.

During the week in France, the boys from Stella Maris College and the girls from Sacred Heart College participated in four sports disciplines: swimming, table-tennis, volleyball, wheel basketball and biathlon. But the trip was not just about sports: it was a holistic educational endeavour.

The students learned profound life skills lessons. They witnessed first-hand the power of resilience as athletes overcame obstacles and setbacks with unwavering determination. They learned about the importance of teamwork and camaraderie, as athletes supported each other both in victory and defeat.

Most importantly, they discovered the universality of sport − a language that knows no boundaries and unites people from diverse backgrounds.

Stella Maris College and Sacred Heart College would like to thank all the educators who organised the trip, the students and their parents for the trust shown in the schools and sponsors Busy Bee and Vince Micallef of ‘Maltese Pure Olive Oil’.

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