Children’s art venture focuses on Maltese honey bee

Initiative aims to foster creativity and environmental awareness among young citizens
The best-placed students will get a knitted honey bee.

The Maltese honey bee is the focus of a new initiative launched by HSBC Malta Foundation, in partnership with the Foundation for the Conservation of the Maltese Honey Bee.

The ‘Bee Creative: Maltese Honey Bee ArtVenture’ invites students from primary schools Years 4 to 6 (ages 8-11) to express their creativity and understanding of the Maltese honey bee through illustrations, drawings, poems or paintings that highlight the significance of the Maltese honey bee in Maltese beekeeping and for pollination.

Fifteen students, who participate in this initiative and according to merit, will receive hand-knitted Maltese honey bees. To extend the educational impact, A3 posters showcasing the NGO’s initiative to declare the Maltese honey bee as a national species will be distributed among the schools involved.

Glenn Bugeja on behalf of the HSBC Malta Foundation said: “We are delighted to support the ‘Bee Creative: Maltese Honey Bee ArtVenture’. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to the environment and education, aiming to instil a sense of responsibility and wonder in our children towards nature. By engaging with the arts, we believe students can develop a meaningful connection with the environment, fostering a generation that values and advocates for the preservation of our natural world”.

The partnership underscores a mutual commitment to a sustainable future, where Malta’s youth are educated and are enthusiastic custodians of their natural environment.

A photo of the artwork should reach the foundation by May 10 at nahlamaltija@gmail.com. For more details about the initiative, contact the Foundation KNM on the same e-mail address.

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