A revolutionary cashless payment solution

BOV mobilePOS accepts payments directly on their NFC-enabled Android devices

The digital transformation of card acceptance products has taken a quantum leap forward with the launch of BOV mobilePOS, a SoftPOS solution, on the local market.

SoftPOS, short for Software Point of Sale, is an innovative technology that allows merchants to accept payments directly on their NFC-enabled Android devices without the need for additional hardware. This development promises to enhance the payment experience for both merchants and customers, positioning itself as a powerful tool to reduce reliance on cash.

How BOV mobilePOS Works

By downloading the application BOV mobilePOS from the Google Store, merchants can start accepting contactless payments from credit and debit cards, mobile wallets, and other NFC-enabled devices. Every transaction is encrypted and complies with stringent security standards, providing a high level of protection to both merchant and customer.  

In truth, for customers, using BOV mobilePOS is as straightforward as tapping their card or mobile device on the conventional POS. When they tap on the merchant’s mobile phone with their card, the transaction is processed instantly. The simplicity and speed of this system are designed to enhance the shopping experience, making payments seamless and efficient.

Benefits for Merchants

Mobility and Flexibility

BOV mobilePOS offers unparalleled mobility. Merchants can accept payments anywhere. This flexibility is crucial for businesses that operate outside traditional brick-and-mortar settings, or who want to offer a more dynamic customer service experience. Delivery persons and people running a stall jump to mind here. The solution also spells greater flexibility to businesses that prefer to have multiple points of sale within their store, which are mobile and can roam around assisting customers.

ESG Considerations

Additionally, BOV mobilePOS aligns with the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals by doing away with the EPOS hardware and reducing the needs for paper receipts. In this manner, we would be minimising environmental impact and promoting sustainable business practices. Customers who still wish to have a receipt, may scan a QR code form the mobile itself. This makes it efficient and convenient to store.

Benefits for Customers


For customers, this solution means faster and more convenient transactions. They can complete their purchases without the need to carry cash. This is especially relevant in today’s digital age, where speed and ease of use are paramount.

Enhanced Security

Transactions processed through BOV mobilePOS are highly secure. The technology adheres to international payment security standards, ensuring that sensitive information is encrypted and protected.

Beating Cash

BOV mobilePOS is poised to be a game-changer by providing a practical and efficient alternative to cash. It addresses many of the issues associated with cash handling, including security risks, need for change, and the inefficiency of counting and storing money. Now merchants can offer their customers a quick and secure payment method, aligning with the global trend towards cashless societies.

As we continue to embrace digital innovations, BOV mobilePOS stands out as a powerful tool that will revolutionise the local payment ecosystem. By offering a secure, flexible, and cost-effective alternative to traditional cash transactions, it empowers merchants to enhance their service capabilities and meet the evolving demands of their customer base. Concurrently, its usage will drive us closer to becoming a truly cashless society.

The BOV mobilePOS app can be downloaded seamlessly from one’s Google Play Store. One would simply need to complete this form and press ‘submit’. A BOV representative will get in contact with the merchant and set up the system in a very short time. In case of inquiries, one may contact the Bank’s Customer Service Centre on 21312020 or submit a query from https://www.bov.com/help-support

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