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GasanMamo Insurance and Żibel’s Commitment to a Cleaner Malta

Embracing sustainability is an integral component of GasanMamo Insurance’s long-standing legacy and business model.

From introducing the first paperless offices to introducing dress down days at the office to generate awareness on global warming, and regular collaborations with environmental NGOs, the insurance company has always stepped up to the responsibility of addressing climate issues in authentic and practical ways.  

This World Environment Day, we look at the enduring relationship between GasanMamo Insurance and Żibel, one of Malta’s leading NGOs dedicated to reducing waste and restoring the natural beauty of our islands.

Founded in 2017, Żibel has grown significantly, thanks in part to collaborative efforts with partners like GasanMamo Insurance.

Żibel’s mission is clear and urgent: to combat waste and pollution, promote civic pride, educate the community, and foster a sustainable lifestyle. Their goal is to see Malta thrive, free from the burden of waste pollution. GasanMamo has been instrumental in helping Żibel achieve these objectives through various projects and initiatives aimed at cleaning up our coasts and seas.

One of the earliest collaborations between GMI and Żibel focused on the battle against marine waste and pollution. Recognising the critical state of our marine environments, GasanMamo joined forces with Żibel to sponsor a Seabin—a revolutionary device designed to collect floating debris, microplastics, and other pollutants from the sea. This initiative marked a significant step in the fight against marine pollution, providing a practical solution to a pervasive problem.

The success of the Seabin project paved the way for further collaborations. GasanMamo’s commitment to supporting Żibel’s cause was exemplified once again with the donation of diving kits.

These kits are essential tools for Żibel’s volunteers, enabling them to conduct underwater clean-ups and remove waste from areas that are otherwise difficult to reach. The diving kits have enhanced the efficiency of Żibel’s operations while highlighting the importance of preserving our underwater ecosystems.

In addition to providing equipment, GasanMamo has also facilitated Żibel’s operations through the provision of a mobile office container.

This mobile unit serves as a central hub for Żibel’s activities, offering a dedicated space storing equipment, and coordinating clean-up efforts. The mobile office container has significantly improved Żibel’s logistical capabilities, allowing the NGO to expand its reach and impact.

The partnership extends beyond these tangible contributions and serves as an inspiring example of how collaborative efforts can drive real, sustainable change, and highlights the positive impact that can be achieved when businesses and NGOs work together towards a common goal.

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