MPO introducing children to percussion instruments

Ti is the final character in the ‘Do-Re-Mi series’
Photo: Shutterstock.com

The Malta National Orchestra is introducing Ti, the final character in the Do-Re-Mi series, a pair of drumsticks, at Robert Samut Hall in Floriana on June 9 at 11am. 

Drumsticks add rhythm and heartbeat to music, by hitting, baking, scratching and tickling, connecting children to percussion instruments.

Created by Simon Bartolo, the event also includes a workshop. Maria Blanco is the artistic director of the series.

More adventures in Gozo

The Do-Re-Mi journey will, however, continue in Gozo, where the characters of Mi (flute) and Sol (double bass) will be brought once again to life at the Mikiel Anton Vassalli College, Gozo Visual and Performing Arts School, in Xewkija, on June 15 at 10.30am and 1.30pm, respectively.

Tickets from showshappening.com. For more information, visit maltaorchestra.com

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