The new Ġnien Fuq il-Glażiż in Vittoriosa

WasteServ explains the process that went into the transformation of this beautiful garden into a green, recreational space for the community.

Walking through Vittoriosa, also known as Birgu, is like stepping back in time. This charming city, with its narrow cobblestone streets and impressive sea views, offers something for everyone, whether you’re a history enthusiast, a culture lover, or simply seeking a quiet place to unwind.

Among Vittoriosa’s lesser-known but equally captivating attractions are the Santa Margherita Lines. Constructed by the Order of Saint John in the 17th century, this extensive line of fortifications was designed to protect the vulnerable parts of the city.

Recently, part of these fortifications has been transformed into a green recreational space for the community and visitors alike to enjoy.

The garden, Ġnien Fuq il-Glażiż, is named after the glacis it is situated on—the gentle slope of the fortifications created to prevent attacking soldiers from taking cover while approaching the ditch. Once a neglected 9,000m² forested area, it is now the perfect place for a leisurely stroll. Divided into various informal areas, this garden offers opportunities for a range of activities.


The picnic area, complete with tables and benches, is perfect for a relaxed lunch, a game of cards, or a chat about the locals’ three favourite topics: football, feasts, and local politics. Youngsters looking for a break from their studies will love the timber deck platforms scattered throughout the garden, offering ideal spots to hang out and unwind.

The play area is outfitted with unique equipment that encourages outdoor adventure, setting it apart from more traditional playgrounds. While it does feature swings, it also boasts climbing ropes and, perhaps most excitingly, a zipline—the first of its kind in a Maltese playground. Additionally, there is a dog park with an obstacle course, providing dogs with a fun and stimulating way to exercise.

During the renovation of this part of the fortifications, care was taken to preserve all existing trees. These hundred-year-old trees not only support the ecosystem but also provide much-needed shade during the warmer months, making the garden enjoyable year-round. Respecting the existing terrain, passageways were created around the trees, weaving through the garden’s natural landscape.

Central to this project is a deep respect for both history and environmental conservation. The garden’s internal traverses and masonry walls were carefully restored. Pathways were designed to maintain the woodland’s character while preserving its historical significance.

The garden also promotes self-sustainability with limited intervention and low maintenance. The fencing and furniture are crafted from sustainably harvested timber and natural and recycled materials. The new energy-efficient lighting system is partially powered by solar panels. Considerable thought was given to the recyclability of materials at the end of their lifecycle, reducing waste in the long run.

This new garden has not only revitalised a formerly abandoned area but has also seamlessly integrated heritage preservation with modern recreational amenities. It has reshaped this Grade 1 scheduled area for the community, tourists, and visitors.

Vittoriosa, with its rich history and modern attractions, is a city that enchants and inspires. Whether you are exploring its historic fortifications, its vibrant waterfront, or simply wandering its picturesque streets, Vittoriosa has a lot to offer. We now invite you to come and discover the unique experience Ġnien Fuq il-Glażiż has to offer.

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