Here’s why dip powder nails are a game changer

Gorgeous, tough, yet gentle on the nail beds: dip powder manicures are quickly becoming the go-to for many manicurists.

In your quest for nails that look good, can withstand daily wear and tear, and don’t ruin your nail beds, you’ve probably tried acrylics, gels, and the good, old nail polish straight from the bottle. But a newer trend is continuing to gain ground in the industry, and it’s not hard to see why once discover just how good it is.

In essence, dip powder nails are exactly what they say on the tin: a bonder and a base coat are applied to your clean nails, before these are dipped in acrylic powder. Once the excess is brushed off, the process can be repeated multiple times to achieve your desired look, and then sealed with a top coat. 

This makes the manicure incredibly durable and chip-resistant, lasting for up to a month. It also gives you colours that are particularly vibrant. Moreover, the process in itself will cause no damage to your nail beds, which certainly can’t be said for gels and acrylics. 

The fact that this manicure doesn’t require curing via UV light, means that you can do this at home with relative ease. But you should be aware that unless you know exactly what you’re doing and what products to use, removing these nails can be tricky and difficult. The trick here is to file the powder down with a nail file and then soaking your nails in acetone for 15 minutes. 

Finally, if you’re getting them done at your manicurist, be sure that they pour some powder in a container just for you and that the excess powder left in your individual container is disposed of after. This reduces the risk of getting an infection from other people by putting your finger in powder that’s already been used.

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