A new adaptation of Agatha Christie is coming to Netflix

The Seven Dials Mystery will star Mia McKenna-Bruce, Helena Bonham Carter, and Martin Freeman.

Netflix has just announced a new adaptation of Agatha Christie’s 1929 crime novel, The Seven Dials Mystery. A three-part series that will go into the filming stage this summer, it will star Mia McKenna-Bruce in the lead role of Lady Eileen “Bundle” Brent, Helena Bonham Carter as Lady Caterham, and Martin Freeman as Battle.

Set in an English countryhouse in 1925, The Seven Dials Mystery tells the story of a practical joke that seemingly goes terribly wrong, leaving murder in its wake. This spurs the inquisitive Bundle to solve the mystery, changing her life in the process.

This adaptation is quite a bold move from Netflix, as The Seven Dials Mystery is one of the least-adapted pieces of work by Christie. In fact, upon its release in 1929, it was considered to be among the author’s worst creations, missing Christie’s usual flair. 

Even so, the ingenuity of the mystery-solving was praised nonetheless, and with that acting as a blueprint for a fantastic team of creatives, the results could completely change the way audiences perceive this story. In fact, the script has been written by Chris Chibnall, who is renowned for his work on Broadchurch, while Suzanne Mackie and Chris Sussman, who worked on The Crown and Good Omens, respectively, will be producing. 

At the time of writing, Netflix has not revealed the release date, but we can expect it to make it onto the streaming service sometime in 2025. 

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